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Here at The Calming Center, we want everyone to have the knowledge and  access to fire ceremony and sacred space wherever they may be in the world. 

Camp Fire

What is a Fire Ceremony?

We gather for a full moon fire ceremony to remember ourselves as part of nature and as members of a human society which actively cares about others as well as the land. An outdoor fire, or lighting a small stick indoors, helps us experience the transformative element of the flames. We continue in our search for meaning, our yearning for growth, and our recognition of that which is greater than our individual selves.

While in community, we prepare for the ceremony by recognizing our own inner state of being, and we make a gift for the fire as we prepare our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. We want to first approach the fire by giving a gift to establish our connection before we ask anything of the transformational element inherent in the flames.

Camp Fire
Semicircle of Crystals

Opening Sacred Space

As you establish an area for your fire ceremony, you want to acknowledge you are connected to a larger energetic gathering and you may do so by opening the space around you and your fire in a way which will invite and reflect the Sacred, whatever that is in your experience. Use the space and time to acknowledge the presence of the Divine / Creator / Higher Being, the spirits of place, the spirits of the mountains - the land - the waters - the elements, remaining aware of being willing to co-create an experience in which you agree to be still for a time, in which you are willing to be quiet and receptive.

Start the fire with two similar sticks which you cross like the Southern Cross Constellation to remind you that you are only a small part of a larger earth. You may call in the directions from the ground to the East, to the Above, and to the West, to the North and the South, calling on the spirit guides, the land spirits, or ancient archetypes to hold the space sacred during your ceremony. You may have wine you use to pour sips onto the land in the four directional corners or fire water you spritz to the energetics, or prayers to say which name and call in the powers from each direction. Begin your own tradition and grow your sense of intention for your land, feeling gratitude for the sacredness of living this life from your place of wonder and deep appreciation.

Full Moon

Holding Fire Ceremony At Home

After opening sacred space with prayers to call in the directions to hear and lift your prayers and gifts to Spirit, you include your thanks to the spirits for joining you. At a fire pit in your yard, you may burn a decorated representative stick which holds your prayers to release to the fire. As you perhaps tie yarn, feathers, or tobacco pouches to your stick, gently use your breath to blow into that stick whatever it is you desire to give to the fire for transformation. At first, you may have to use your imagination. As you exercise your awareness and intuitive qualities though, you will be able to sense how the stick is willing to carry your prayers into the flames. You may then sense or see or feel how the gifts are transformed from physical objects back to their original energies which can no longer be held in your hand.

You approach the fire which burns within the opened area of sacred space, giving your gift to the fire first when you kneel at a point which is comfortable for you to be close enough to the flames without being burned. You then unwind your second chakra from your belly to the fire, moving counter-clockwise, imagining, sensing, or feeling the clearing out of the well of your chakra as you draw out any unnecessary blockage and throw it in to feed the fire. After the second chakra feels clear, unwind your fourth chakra from your heart to the fire, again clearing out the well and walls of the chakra to toss anything unwanted into the fire. You do the same with the sixth chakra at your third eye.

Return to the second chakra and imagine pulling a flame of light from the fire which will help you iron out the chakra, smoothing it out the way a gardener would smooth a garden before planting. Do this for the fourth and the sixth chakras as well, imagining flattening your energetic bodies enough to prepare yourself for the planting of the seeds of your becoming.

Turning one last time to the fire, imagine taking a thread of flame and bringing it to your second chakra to serve as a catalyst to light and feed the seed of your becoming by the light of the full moon, whatever it may be you have called into your consciousness. Firmly set the seed in the well of the chakra and then spin or wind the flame clockwise to secure it deep into your chakra so the seed may grow and manifest the dreams in your life during this next moon cycle. Do this for the fourth and the sixth chakras as well. Feel free to scoop some of the light of the fire up over your body to further cleanse the entire field of your light body.

When you complete your fire ceremony, be sure you close sacred space and honor the fire by staying beside it until the flames recede and you are left with embers.

When a full moon orbits at its closet point to the earth, we call this occurrence a Super Moon because the moon looks its largest and shines its brightest in the sky. The Super Moon simply looks brighter because it is so close, and what unique opportunities these moons are to feel the strength of the moonlight and recognize that the gifts of the fire are there to support you.

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