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Beth Honeycutt, CTHt


Certified Interpersonal Hypnotist

Energy Practitioner

doTerra Wellness Advocate

Hypnosis Works.

 Relax and return to that calm center, the place of inner peace,

the seat of your soul, and the core of your connection.

If you are searching for a safe method to reach your goals and are still puzzled about what holds you back from getting there, or you are curious about why your success remains elusive whether in business, in weight loss, or stopping bad habits, hypnosis helps with allowing the subconscious mind to be heard and experienced in ways with less time than more traditional forms of talk therapy.


The calming centeredness you achieve when we work together can assist you with personal moments of clarity and insight, can help you when faced with moments of self-doubt in your relationships, moments of intense personal sadness, or when dealing with a web of tangled emotions like guilt, fear, and anger. 

Effective. Professional. Confidential.

What clients are saying about working with
Beth Honeycutt and The Calming Center

"I worked with Beth to find balance and harmony in my life. Her work revitalized my spirit and helped me to find the inner strength to pursue my dreams.  I couldn't praise Beth or the work she does any higher."  

– N.R., New York


"Thank you for helping me get to such a comforting, peaceful place in my life."

 – R.L., Texas


"With your gentle guidance, I was able to uncover what had long been hidden."  

– S.S., Texas


"The work I did with Beth has helped me to release deep feelings arising from death, divorce and loss of my job.  I am happy, laugh more, and look forward each day to the unfolding of my life."

  – J.R., Connecticut

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